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Shiva’s Residence vs Kubera’s Kitchen area

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One working day, Kubera paid out a check out to Kailasa, the abode of Shiva, the hermit-god, where by he met Shiva’s elephant-headed son, the corpulent Ganesha,the god of knowledge.
Kubera assumed to himself, “Ganesha clearly enjoys food and Shiva can plainly not afford to feed him to his heart’s articles.”
So as a favor to Shiva, Kubera offered to feed Ganesha just one food.
When Ganesha accepted the invitation and entered Kubera’s kitchen area, Kubera explained, “Eat to your heart’s content.”
Kubera quickly regretted his words.
Ganesha’s urge for food was insatiable. He ate all the things that was in the kitchen and continue to questioned for much more. Meals had to be purchased from the larder and then from the market. But Ganesha was nonetheless hungry. “More make sure you,” he mentioned boosting his trunk.
Kubera had to expend all the money in his treasury and get all the meals in the globe to feed Ganesha but even now Ganesha was not delighted. Ultimately, Kubera fell at Ganesha’s ft and begged him to cease, “I do not I have sufficient food to fulfill your starvation. Forgive me.”
To this Ganesha claimed, “You definitely assume foodstuff will fulfill hunger! The big difference among you and my father is that you seek out to deliver much more food although he seeks to lower starvation. That is why I sit in his household and not in your kitchen.”

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