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In its place of transmitting information, we must really encourage, shape, and nurture students’ have expressive strength

Published – Oct 16, 2021 02:21 pm IST

Founding Vice Chancellor, Sai College
President Emeritus, Cooper Union, New York
Former Provost & Senior Vice President, Tufts College
Previous Dean, Dartmouth Higher education

A student’s brain is not a blank slate on which we inscribe understanding. It is not a flash drive onto which we obtain facts. And it is not a processor that executes Python directions to be obeyed. Mastering takes place when the brain’s intricate neural networks adapt to the entire world, pushed by an conversation between genes and the natural environment. No matter whether during early childhood or adolescence, traditional curricula and pedagogies do scant justice to the incredible dynamism and complexity of the establishing mind.
As a professor and a father or mother, I am just as guilty as most grown ups in believing we can mould small children in our image, on our timetable, our methods. If only they would listen as a substitute of undertaking their possess point, producing problems we informed them to stay clear of, they would grow up to fulfil our dreams.

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