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Tata Sales Analysis June 2024 – Nexon, Punch, Harrier, Tiago, Safari

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Tata registered 43,527 units in June 2024 in India as against 45,878 units during the same period last year with a YoY de-growth of 8 per cent
In June 2024, Tata Motors recorded sales of 43,527 passenger vehicles in India, marking a slight decrease from 47,240 units sold during the same period last year due to the slight year-on-year de-growth of 8 per cent. Although there was an overall decline, the Punch was an outlier as it reclaimed its top spot for the best-selling car in the country and sold 18,238 units.
It sold about 2,000 units more than the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Swift. Last year in June Punch’s sales were at 10,990 making a YoY growth of 66 per cent. Coming to the next best-selling car in Tata’s portfolio, the Nexon sold a total of 12,066 units in the month of June as against 13,827 units last year with a decline of 13 per cent.
The Tata Tiago with 5,174 units saw of decline of 36 per cent, compared to the same time last year when it had managed 8,135 units. The Altroz also saw a decline in sales probably due to the existence of a much more preferable SUV body-styled Punch in a similar price range. It went from 7,250 units in 2023 June to 3,937 units in June 2024 with a big decline of 46 per cent.

Tata Models (YoY)

June 2024 Sales

June 2023 Sales

Tata Punch (66%)



Tata Nexon(-13%)



Tata Tiago (-36%)



Tata Altroz (-46%)



Tata Safari (-16%)



Tata Tigor (-59%)



Tata Harrier (-34%)



The Tigor is now starting to show its age and it went from 3,335 units in June 2023 to 1,371 units this past month with a huge 59 per cent decline. Tata’s flagship models range also saw a decline as the Safari managed to sell 1,394 units in June 2024 while a total of 1,663 Safaris were recorded in June 2023. The Harrier also sold poorly dropping to 1,347 units from 2,040 units with a decline of 34 per cent.
Punch is killing it in its segment thanks to its various powertrain options petrol, CNG and EV and is also priced aggressively. The latest Nexon is going strong also and is amongst the top 10 best-selling cars for the month of June. However, cars like the Tiago, Tigor and Altroz are performing modestly.

Tata has various new models in the pipeline which will improve Tata’s position in the passenger market further. The Curvv EV will be introduced in India in the coming months ahead of the Harrier EV sometime early next year. As for the ICE range, Tata is planning to launch the petrol and diesel-powered Curvv before the end of the year.
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