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The Fact Powering the ‘Haunted’ Rolls Royce of Ayesha Villa! [Video]

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More than the decades, we have heard numerous stories of some residences getting haunted. Nonetheless, we hardly ever listen to stories of a car being haunted. But for the inhabitants of Pune and Maharashtra, the story of the haunted Rolls Royce parked at Ayesha Villa in Lonavla is a effectively-recognised urban legend. A short while ago, a online video showing this one of a kind deserted Rolls Royce has been shared online. Now if it is really a haunted car or truck or not, we&#8217ll notify you forward.

Deserted Rolls Royce in Ayesha Villa
In accordance to just one of the youthful boys in the online video shared by RevCrew on YouTube, he explains that there are numerous tales of this deserted Ayesha Villa and its Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The individual clarifies that Ayesha Villa is positioned in the picturesque hill station of Lonavla.
To start with Model
In accordance to this variation of the story, a family members lived in Ayesha Villa in the course of the British era. One night time, the relatives was brutally murdered, and a 17-yr-outdated lady named Ayesha was raped and killed. Considering the fact that this tragic function, locals have documented listening to odd noises and viewing ghostly figures inside the residence.
It is believed that the spirit of Ayesha and her household members haunts the villa, so this has made it a web site of paranormal action. The human being in the movie has also said that anybody who lived in the villa after the to start with murders also died less than mysterious situation, and mainly because of this, their spirit also haunts this spot.
2nd Edition

Aside from the over-stated tale, there is a different version of this exact same tale. In this just one, it has been reported that there was a wealthy Christian pair residing in the villa with their daughter, Ayesha. Just one night, the dwelling was attacked, and the pair was murdered.
This variation does not explain irrespective of whether Ayesha was killed in the course of the assault. The loved ones&#8217s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which stays parked at the villa, is also reported to be haunted.
The Genuine Tale About This Rolls Royce
The most important car or truck in this story, which is supposedly haunted, is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. This model was in manufacturing from 1965 to 1980, so it debunks the first story which explained that this motor vehicle has been right here considering that the British period.
On the contrary, this unique Rolls Royce, which has now been abandoned, was even highlighted in the 2004 Bollywood movie &#8220Lakeer,&#8221 so this debunks the simple fact that it is a haunted Rolls Royce. Now, coming to the serious tale.

One of the commenters in the video displaying this deserted Rolls Royce has informed the authentic tale. He said that the fact is that this motor vehicle and Ayesha Villa are not positioned in Lonavala. As an alternative, they are situated in Khandala. Subsequent, he mentions that there was nothing at all these as a number of murders or rape that took spot in the villa.
Relatively, he defined that this household and Rolls Royce belonged to an really loaded Parsi loved ones. The consumer mentioned that what actually took place was that the children of the operator of this house and Rolls Royce have now settled abroad. As they have not returned to the country, the two of them have been deserted.The publish The Truth Powering the ‘Haunted’ Rolls Royce of Ayesha Villa! [Video] 1st appeared on Cartoq.

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