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The House of Dragons Season 3, Kota Factory Season 3, and More

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Your entertainment plans for the week are all set as we are back with our weekly OTT updates (June 17th to June 23rd). Whether you’re curious about the highly anticipated House of the Dragon Season 2 or eager to discover what’s new on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and other streaming platforms, we are here to update you on what’s new on OTT this week.
While the wait for House of the Dragon Season 2 continues, a host of new shows and movies hitting OTT this week will keep you entertained. Look forward to exciting titles such as Kota Factory Season 3, Agents of Mystery, The Bear Season 3, and more. Let’s dive into what’s coming up for your viewing pleasure.
House of the Dragon Season 2
Releasing on: June 17th
Platform: Jio Cinema
The new season of House of the Dragon kicks off with the aftermath of King Viserys’ death, igniting a fierce succession battle. Although Princess Rhaenyra is named heir to the throne, Queen Alicent and her father, Otto Hightower, are determined to install Aegon II as the ruler. The brewing conflict promises intense political intrigue and dramatic confrontations.
How excited are you for the next chapter in this epic saga?
Kota Factory Season 3
Releasing on: 20 June 2024
Platform: Netflix
Kota Factory Season 3 returns to Netflix, continuing the compelling story of Vaibhav Pandey and his quest to conquer the IIT entrance exam. This season delves deeper into the academic and emotional challenges faced by Vaibhav and his friends in the high-pressure environment of Kota. With new hurdles, personal growth, and evolving relationships, fans can expect an engaging and relatable portrayal of student life. Jitendra Kumar reprises his role as Jeetu Bhaiya, bringing further depth to this inspiring series that resonates with students in Kota and the problems they face.
Agents of Mystery
Releasing on: June 18th
Platform: Netflix
This week’s OTT lineup features a thrilling new release about a team of investigators renowned for their exceptional chemistry. They tackle unsolvable cases in enigmatic locations that stump ordinary departments. Adding this intriguing show to your binge list of the latest movies and series is a must for fans of mystery and suspense.
Love Is Blind: Brazil: Season 4
Releasing on: June 19th
Platform: Netflix
Season 4 brings a refreshing twist to the reality dating genre, featuring a more mature group of singles willing to give love another shot. Participants will navigate a series of steps, including speed-dating in pods, romantic proposals, and first-time meetups, all leading up to potential weddings in the finale. This engaging journey of finding soulmates is a must-watch, so grab your popcorn and binge this latest addition to OTT this week, along with other exciting new movie and show releases.
Aranmanai 4
Releasing on: June 21st
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
In this gripping new movie, a man sets out to uncover the hidden truth behind his sister’s mysterious death. His relentless pursuit plunges him into a vortex of chaos and terror, unraveling dark secrets along the way. This intense and suspenseful thriller is a must-watch, making it a prime addition to your list of the latest releases on OTT this week.
The Bear Season 3
Releasing on: June 21st
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
The Emmy-winning series, The Bear returns for Season 3 which sees Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and his team striving to keep their new venture afloat. As they navigate the complexities of running a business, they must also contend with the high expectations set by Carmy, pushing them to their limits. This season promises more drama and intensity, so start the countdown, cousin!
The Victims’ Game: Season 2
Releasing on: June 21st
Platform: Netflix
The new season of The Victim’s Game centers on Fang Yi-jen, a forensic scientist with Asperger’s syndrome, and Hsu Hai-yin, an investigative journalist. Together, they delve into a case tied to Fang Yi-jen’s daughter, uncovering connections to a series of mysterious murders. With its unique blend of forensic science and investigative journalism, this series is a thrilling addition to your list of the latest releases on OTT this week.
Kleks Academy
Releasing on: June 19th
Platform: Netflix
Meet Ada Niezgódka, an ordinary girl who unexpectedly finds herself enrolled at Kleks Academy. Guided by the eccentric and talented teacher, Ambroży Kleks, Ada embarks on a whimsical exploration of fairy tales, creativity, and imagination. Along the way, she develops unique abilities and uncovers a clue that holds the key to unraveling her family’s greatest secret. Don’t forget to add this enchanting show to your list of the latest releases on OTT this week as you update your collection of new movies and show releases.
Trigger Warning
Releasing on: June 21stStreaming on: Netflix
In this riveting new movie, a skilled Special Forces commando inherits her father’s bar following his sudden death. However, her new role proves to be more challenging than expected as she contends with a violent gang wreaking havoc in her hometown. Packed with action and suspense, this film promises an intense binge-watch session. Make sure to add it to your list of the latest releases on OTT this week.
Releasing on: June 21stPlatform: Netflix
Delve into the life of David Padikkal, beloved by many for his acting prowess. As he navigates the heights of fame, David faces a critical juncture where he must introspect to discover his true character beyond the glittering facade of stardom. This introspective journey promises to captivate viewers, especially fans of Tovino Thomas, amidst the array of OTT releases this week.
Rising Impact
Releasing on: June 22nd
Platform: Netflix
Follow the story of Gawain Nanaumi, a third-grader with an unmatched passion for baseball and a unique talent for hitting home runs. Everything changes when he crosses paths with Kiria Nishino, a female professional golfer. She introduces Gawain to the world of golf, where he discovers a new path to achieve his dream of hitting the ball with incredible force. Don’t miss adding this intriguing series to your list of the latest movies and show releases on OTT.

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