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Three One of a kind Shakespeare inspired Bollywood films…

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The best and the most read through playwright in the English language, dramatist, poet and actor William Shakespeare may have moved on to the netherworld centuries back but his ghost carries on to live on in his writings even today. Hemangi Malshe presents the excellent trilogy by Vishal Bhardwaj inspired by the awesome Bard of Stratford on Avon – Maqbool (2003), Omkara (2006) and Haider (2014). Influence and power has always been fitting grounds for a tale of betrayal and revenge and Vishal Bhardwaj usesthe aspect of power and its potential to corrupt amazingly well in his films. In Macbeth, the a few witches enticeMacbeth to leave his integrity behind and kill the king,and thereby become the new king. In Vishal’s Maqbool, we see the identical greed and power struggle in the prison underworld. The mistress of Jahangir, the king of the underworld, tempts Maqbool to turn out to be a lot more formidable and just take over the underworld empire. Two immoral policemen noticing this ambition also forecast that Maqbool will get more than the Mumbai underworld. Jahangir is murdered in his bed by Maqbool, but unfortunately, like Macbeth, Maqbool and his mistress find that they can’t enjoy the wrested power and situation as their arms are stained with blood and their guilt conceive ghosts of their crime which haunts them.Now coming to affairs of really like, it has a lot of shades to it which assortment from purity to jealousy. Quite a few enthusiasts are usually insecure in belief and this insecurity is portrayed by Barb in Othello where by nevertheless the hero may be most extraordinary on the battlefield but his armour of insecurity simply cannot consider the arrows of mistrust. Though he admires and trusts his wife, he sees himself being too small in stature to be worthy of her enjoy and is unable to believe that she would be capable of loving him equally. A ideal character in any other case, he fails because of to the flaw of jealousy injected into him by his reliable companion Lago, generating him into a tragic hero. Vishal can take this plot further and works by using it in Omkara, the Indianisedversion of Othello. From the poshness of Venice, we are transported to an edgy city dominated by gangsters and politicians. Desdemona’s elopement is transferred to Dolly’s abduction from the compelled relationship. The doubt stays if these women can deceive their fathers, they can deceive their husbands also. Jealousy in small, paints the plot in purple blood. Last but not the least, Haider, the last of Vishal’s trilogy is based on Hamlet with themes of corruption, politicsand revenge. Hamlet reinforces the information that anger and revenge can get to the greatest of men and women producing irreversible destruction. The most potent lesson just one needs to pluck out of Hamlet is, ‘To Thine have self be true’. So, we shift from Denmark to the Kashmir conflicts of 1995 with the modern adaptation of the tragedy of Hamlet. Location out on the route of revenge,Haider has to study that even his beloved ones cannot be spared. This saga is not only a story of revenge but also, spotlights the madness it provides alongside.

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