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Top BA LLB College in UP – IIMT Group of Colleges

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What’s the law?

The official definition is the creation of laws that directly establish an authority or organization in a particular field. The law covers torts, commerce, relationships, property, finance, etc., and applies certain traditions to these subjects. Management experts present and approve the rules. This is a law that applies to private enterprises and government institutions that determine and implement rules of conduct, including specific definitions and legal sanctions. It has been referred to as either science or art.

Different types of laws:

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Common law

Corporate law

Property Law

Labor Law

Intellectual Property Law

International Law


Tax Law

Environmental Law

Summary of Top B.A.LL.B. Colleges:

The IIMT College of Law, also known as the Top BA LLB College in UP, is a popular associate of the IIMT Group of Colleges. The Indian Bar Association and UGC have accredited and supported CCS University Meerut since its establishment in 2014. Law programs are offered at this institute. LL.B. and B.A. LL.B. courses aim to develop students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-confidence so that they can be successful in their future endeavors. They also addressed human rights violations at testing facilities. To prepare graduates for fast-paced careers that can lead to great opportunities and ventures, IIMT Law College in Greater Noida offers a comprehensive list of law colleges and regulated courses. Suitable for formal events, open studios, lectures, conferences, etc., real analysis. The best place to get law degrees in India is IIMT Law College, the Top BA LLB College in UP.

Why choose Law?

Law is a fulfilling career option for many reasons.

Capacity to influence change:

You have the power to positively impact society. Even if you’re representing clients in court, you may always take some time to use public interest litigation to speak out on social concerns.

Career opportunities abound:

After earning a B.A.LL.B degree, every student studying legal education is eligible to pursue a profession in law. Practice in a district court first, and then advance to more advanced opportunities. You might look for teaching opportunities at various law colleges after you have an LLM under your belt.

Acquiring a broad range of skills:

In a courtroom, the situation is different. This entails instilling a variety of abilities, and over time, a practicing lawyer gains knowledge, expertise, and mastery of their profession via these developments.

Stability of finances:

As someone who obtains experience and skill in their profession, there is one entrepreneurial industry that may lead to significant recognition and celebrity. Even after only one court appearance, successful lawyers amass wealth. Therefore, it can be concluded that a career in law unquestionably results in financial security.

Builds confidence in oneself:

During court proceedings, law science students must interact with judges and the general public. Additionally, this profession requires a lot of interpersonal communication. Therefore, a career in law quickly instills confidence in a person.

B.A. LLB, 5-year program:

Law, a popular profession, offers a respectable and lucrative career. Many are gaining knowledge and applying the right principles to promote justice. The law involves more than just courts and lawyers. A variety of useful skills are incorporated into IIMT’s training program, enabling law graduates to pursue a variety of careers in different sectors, such as business, international relations, society, and crime. Studies in law may be combined with accounting or business administration. Because this formal knowledge can be used in many areas, it is important to combine law with a variety of non-law courses. Higher education graduates can pursue careers in a variety of fields, including education, business and industry, government aid, media, law, and legal matters. Your professional skills add constant value to your career. Knowledge and skills acquired through formal research enable students to solve complex problems and develop effective strategies based on logic and reasoning. Focusing on rules helps students develop as individuals and understand the logic behind them. You can always help those less fortunate. Students who attended the workshop increased their self-confidence and overcame their shyness when speaking. We have a great opportunity to resolve real, unresolved disputes before the IIMT court. Argumentative exercises help law students develop critical thinking, critical thinking, and independent thinking skills. If you continue to find legal research interesting and insightful, a path to the legal profession may be open.

Course Span:

5 Years


CCS University, Meerut

Qualification Measures:

10+2 in any discipline, with at least 45% imprints overall and 42.8% for OBC class applicants. For SC/ST competitors, at least 40% imprints are expected.


The most important factor contributing to the success of the IIMT Faculty of Law was its unwavering dedication to its studies. The university has an outstanding faculty of leading researchers, business leaders, and experienced teachers who provide unparalleled knowledge. IIMT’s curriculum has been carefully designed to keep pace with industrial and technological developments, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing industry. Law colleges provide a variety of legal programs. The curriculum has been carefully designed to combine academic knowledge with practical experience, allowing students to confidently tackle real-world challenges. The college prioritized the development of practical and intellectual skills. Additionally, the academic atmosphere at IIMT encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, enabling students to take on challenging tasks and make valuable contributions to society.


IIMT Law College is the gold standard in infrastructural excellence, providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to help them study effectively. The center is well-planned to foster innovation and discovery, from state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technology to comprehensive libraries with large collections of literature. In addition to traditional classrooms, the college is also investing in infrastructure, establishing dedicated research centers, innovation centers, and spaces for creative innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. With the support of IIMT’s superior infrastructure, students can embark on a life-changing journey by reaching their full potential, thanks to IIMT’s superior infrastructure.

Top-notch Guidelines:

IIMT is regarded as a top-ranked college because it continues to strive for the highest standards in the world. He was successful at many universities. This requires a lot of preparation and experience, as different bonds and forces are involved. So the job is possible. Students are bored with business concepts and requirements and are ready to face different challenges. It shows employees are excited about their progress. Modern design and planning are important responsibilities for professionals. Their compact design makes them easy to convert into machines. It also allows unskilled people to join the industry, thus increasing their career opportunities. Resources to support their education and help them build a rewarding career.


Beyond academics, IIMT College of Law offers a healthy campus life and a variety of academic activities, including cultural events, literacy clubs, seminars, and sports competitions. These events offer students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, showcase their talents in different fields, and establish lifelong friendships.

Moot Court at IIMT:

A moot court rehearses a preliminary hearing in which participants review the case, usually an appeal from a new decision; research legislation; prepare arguments; and provide feedback. Most questions regarding nervous law are classified as vague or clear laws. Normally, each party presents two grounds of objection. The petition, court decision, and reserved jurisdiction are returned together with the issues decided by the contrary decision. Although leading others is not the same as speaking or having a conversation in front of an audience, there are similarities between the two that should be noted. This is a great way to use excellent support.

Scope and future:


The practice of law is one of the most sought-after career paths for new law graduates. Students enrolled in this degree can practice in the Supreme Court, High Court, and District Court. However, candidates must pass the Bar Council of India examination to be admitted to practice. This is the best legal way to apply for jobs. Legal advisors can advise companies, individuals, and organizations on a variety of legal matters. They assist their clients in resolving legal documents, contracts, and disputes. To practice law, a paralegal must obtain a state license after graduating from high school and pass the bar exam.

Lawyer or business consultant:

A corporate law firm offers great opportunities for new law graduates. It is said to be the most important and interesting part of the law for lawyers in India. These professionals can work full-time or as consultants for companies. Corporate lawyers are responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. He focuses mainly on shareholder issues and litigation.

Journalists and legal publishers:

A large number of lawyers work in the media sector, including news channels, as well as other print and electronic media such as newspapers and magazines. They do an excellent job of informing the public about legal services related to annual government accounts, inter-company money transfers, large business investments, and economic risks. A media lawyer helps the public understand these complex issues.

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