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Uchhaith Bhagwati and Ahilya Sthan in Mithila

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Like every location of India, Mithila also is entire of Devi temples. I saw a lot of of them at Darbhanga, however, most of them are new. Ancient Devi temple of Mithila involve Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple and Ahilya Sthan, each of which are stated in our Indian Scriptures.
We frequented the two these temples on our way to Janakpur – the ancient capital of Mithila.

Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple
Uchhaith Bhagwati gets her name from the village that is also termed Uchhaith. It lies on the path that lots of Rishi Munis took to go to Himalayas. Certainly, it is in the foothills of the Himalayas, really close to Janakpur.
Temple story also says that Sri Ram also visited this temple on his way to Janakpur. Indeed, the Ahilya Sthan story that we will visit in a moment too, corroborates this tale.
Kalidasa Story
Tale goes that Kalidasa was a idiot with no expertise. He was married to a quite figured out Vidyottama, by trick. When she observed out about Kalidasa, she kicked him out and instructed him to return only when he has plenty of awareness. It is thought that Kalidasa started functioning at a Sanskrit Pathshala close to Uchhaith.
Currently being a Durga devotee, he utilized to take a look at and light-weight a lamp in the temple just about every working day. Just one stormy night, he crossed the river with good trouble to gentle the lamp. Devi was pleased with his devotion. She appeared just before him and asked him to find a boon. Kalidasa, of system, questioned for knowledge and was awarded that gift. He went on to turn out to be the best poet the environment has observed.
You see a huge Machh Dwar saying the temple, with two huge golden fishes. The route top to the temple is full of retailers offering Puja objects and prasad. Inside the compound there are vendors selling bouquets, coconuts, chunris, surrounding the temple in red.
Uchhaith Bhagwati Temple
This is an historical temple focused to Bhagwati in the kind of Chhinmasta – the one with a severed head. She is a person of the Dash Mahavidyas. In the Garbhagriha, you see an picture of Devi in black stone. It is not straightforward to see it as it is covered with piles of crimson hibiscus bouquets. Pandit ji was variety adequate to lift the flowers to allow us have the darshan.
Numerous girls were worshipping the Devi. It is a reside temple pulsating with divine vitality. When we frequented, a katha was heading on, as a prelude to the forthcoming Navaratri. There is a Shiva temple in the premises.
Chhinmasta as Uchhaith Bhagawati
The temple is small when you review it to its great importance and attractiveness. The tiles have been coming apart, there was filth all all over. How I wish, the temple was cleaner. The chaos and uncleanliness acquire absent the sanctity of the area.
I am advised that good deal of Tantra Sadhana is carried out at this temple and the adjoining cremation ground. It is thought that just one receives whatsoever a person needs for at this temple.
Navaratri attracts a lot of crowds at this temple. Ninth working day of Navaratri that signifies Siddhidatri or the form of goddess that bestows you will all attainable wishes is specially worshipped right here.
Ahilya Sthan
Ahilya is the spouse of Gautam Rishi. They lived below in the forest in the foothills of the Himalayas. As soon as Indra tricked Ahilya and that produced Gautam Rishi angry. He cursed her to develop into a stone.
Ahilya Sthan
As quickly as he did so, he realised that it was not her fault, rather Indra was at fault. A curse can not be taken back, so he confined it by indicating that when a Vishnu Avatar arrives and touches her by his toes, she will revert to her human variety.
Sri Ram, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu, walked on this path, pursuing his Guru Vishwamitra. On his way, he touched Ahilya and obliged her. This position came to be known as Ahilya Sthan.
Ram Temple at Ahilya Sthan
There is a lovely temple in pale pink and yellow devoted to Ram-Janaki. We reached this temple at Ahiari village early morning, only to discover it shut. On our ask for, Pandit ji agreed to open the temple. But, he needed some time to consider tub just before he could open up the temple. In the meantime, we walked all-around and observed an Ahilya Temple close by
Ram Mandir at Ahilya Sthan
The temple dates to late 17th CE and has been restored by the Darbhanga kings.
Inside of it has stunning Murtis of Sri Ram-Janaki alongside with Gautam-Ahilya, Hanuman ji and Vishwamitra.
You can go all-around the temple and admire its straightforward but elegant architecture.
Ahilya Temple
Ahilya temple is a tiny temple located subsequent to a sq. stepwell. There are two Pindis on the ground that are covered with brass faces and dressed with garments.
Pindis on the ground – Ahilya Sthan
A platform guiding retains the Murtis depicting Ram Darbar and Hanuman ji in the lap of his mother.
I was intrigued about Hanuman Murti and the woman priest there said, this is the maternal grandparent’s house of Hanuman ji. I questioned how and she explained that Anjani, the mother Hanuman ji is daughter of Ahilya and Gautam Rishi. This was something new to me. In this article onwards, I started off noticing the Hanuman ji, along with his mom Anjani in lots of temples close to.
Ram Darbar at Ahilya Sthan
Skin Remedy Ritual
We noticed an interested ritual in this article. A younger girl was performing the parikrama of the temple holding two extensive brinjals on a adhere. Immediately after she was done with her Puja, I asked her about the Brinjals. She reported she had a skin ailment that could not be healed with all possible treatment plans. That is when anyone proposed her to pray to Ahilya with a assure that if you are healed you would pay a visit to Ahilya Sthan and present brinjals to the Devi. She had come all the way from Mumbai where by she life, right after getting cured. Religion, as they say, can go mountains.
In front of the temple stands a thick pillar in yellow with mantras created on it. In a market going through the temple are the historic Murtis of Sri Ram and Lakshman. It is thought that parikrama of this pillar is equivalent to parikrama of the environment. We observed a couple of folks undertaking its parikrama.
An adjoining Yagnashala with a thatched roof suggest typical yagnas here.
A platform with the footprints of Sri Ram marks his journey via this forest. In actuality, for devotees, this is the most sacred section of these temples.
I discovered these two temples at Ahilya Sthan really peaceful. They exude that stillness that just one requires to go inward.
Gautam Kund
After this we visited Gautam Kund at Brahmpur village. It looked far more like a modern-working day pond. We prayed from a length and carried on our journey in direction of Janakpur.
As per pauranik stories, Brahma himself designed this pond for Gautam Rishi in his hermitage.
Travel Strategies
For visiting each these areas closest airport is Darbhanga and railway station is Madhubani.
Uchhaith Is situated 4 kms from Benipatti.
Except you want to do a Puja, 30 minutes is very good enough to pay a visit to the temple on a typical working day.
Ahilya Sthan is about 24 km from Darbhanga. Stick to the indication boards from the key road to access this temple.
Gautam Kund is far away and does not appear to be like an aged kund. So, until you have to go to, it is avoidable.
There are no facilities at Ahilya sthan, so carry your own food and drinking water.
At Uchhaith, there are eateries but it could still be prudent to have your own.

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