June 18, 2024



Vicky Kaushal Delivers Heroically in “Sam Bahadur” on ZEE5 Global

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Attention, Bollywood buffs! Let’s raise a flag (or maybe a steaming cup of chai) to celebrate Vicky Kaushal’s birthday and the success of his latest film, “Sam Bahadur“! This biographical war drama is more than just a movie because it’s a global phenomenon captivating audiences on ZEE5 Global.This isn’t your typical Bollywood movie. It dives into the real-life story of Sam Manekshaw, the fearless Indian military leader who rose to become the country’s first Field Marshal. Kaushal embodies the spirit of Manekshaw with a powerful performance that’s earning him major kudos from critics and fans alike. But what exactly makes “Sam Bahadur” a must-watch on ZEE5 Global? Let’s break it down:Box Office Blitz“Sam Bahadur” wasn’t just a movie instead it was a cultural event. When it premiered on ZEE5 Global, it shattered records, becoming the platform’s biggest Hindi-language weekend opener ever. That’s a major feat, considering it went head-to-head with previous blockbusters like “Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai” and “Gadar 2.”Global Appeal“Sam Bahadur” isn’t just a local hero’s story. This war biopic has a universal appeal that’s resonating with audiences worldwide. A staggering 26% of ZEE5 Global’s viewers around the globe have tuned in to witness Manekshaw’s legacy unfold. In fact, “Sam Bahadur” is responsible for a whopping 10% of all acquired movie views on ZEE5 Global in the past year – that’s some serious streaming power!Award-Winning ExcellenceThe accolades for this movie go beyond ticket sales. The film’s powerful storytelling and Kaushal’s captivating performance earned it three prestigious awards at the 69th Filmfare Awards. These awards solidify “Sam Bahadur” as a critical and commercial success, leaving its mark on the Indian film industry.Beyond “Sam Bahadur”Even if you missed this movie in theaters, there’s good news! ZEE5 Global offers a treasure trove of Vicky Kaushal’s acclaimed work. Dive into the high-octane action of “URI: The Surgical Strike,” explore the complexities of love in “Manmarziyan,” or witness the chilling suspense of “Raman Raghavan 2.0.”So, here’s to celebrating Vicky Kaushal’s birthday and the incredible legacy of Sam Manekshaw! Head over to ZEE5 Global and stream “Sam Bahadur” today. It’s more than just a movie – it’s a journey into bravery, leadership, and the unwavering spirit of a true legend. And hey, while you’re there, check out some of Kaushal’s other captivating performances. With ZEE5 Global, you’ve got a whole world of Bollywood entertainment at your fingertips!(ZEE5 Global) 

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