May 26, 2024



Wednesday Seeing Post: What Are You Studying and Watching and Wondering and Listening To Halfway As a result of Might?

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Pleased Wednesday! It’s a beautiful beautiful day in this article and it is my early work working day (I start out early and leave early), so I am content!

I’ll start!

Examining: It’s summer, so I want to go through children’s publications! That’s the rule, murder mysteries in drop, fantasy in winter season, children’s textbooks in summer time. I am thinking about no matter if I want to re-go through stuff I’ve currently read, or if I am ready to possibility attempting one thing new. There is a new Mysterious Benedict Culture e book out, and I am like 10 textbooks powering on Redwall. Or I could just reread the Anne of Inexperienced Gables books yet again.

Seeing: I have been zipping by Babylon 5! Really shockingly superior display, extremely intricate and layered and straightforward to binge. Also, this trailer! I feel I really want to see this film in theaters?

Contemplating: In my Real Crime Podcast environment, I’ve just listened to 3 in a row that entail a beautiful young troubled lower center class female who finishes up in a partnership with a wealthy older gentleman and then is thrown out like the trash when she becomes inconvenient. Basically like trash in one, he drugged her and threw her down a trash shoot, then instructed the planet she was a mentally sick drug person and did it herself. Anyway, males suck, and I am very happy I am not beautiful and troubled and consequently a tempting status item for a rich more mature male (right until I become inconvenient). Also, India does not have a corner on the marketplace of “marry a young girl for her appears to be and fertility, then get mad when she turns out to be a Person” dynamic.

Listening: We watched Aradhana for our Zoom discussion, and I completely forgot that Aradhana has “Chanda Hai Tu” and “Roop Tera” but also “Mere Sapno ki Rani”!

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