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What Makes SRMUH the Best University for Study in Sonepat?

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If you’re looking for a university that actively helps students manifest their dreams into reality, then SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat (SRMUH), is the university for you. One of the most renowned universities in Sonepat, SRMUH provides academic excellence, hands-on learning, industry exposure and placement assistance. It’s also accredited A+ by the NAAC. Choosing a university after you finish school is a big decision. That is because the choice that you make will directly reflect on your professional future. When choosing the right university for you, it’s important to make an informed choice. Choosing an NAAC A+ accredited university like SRMUH can be beneficial for your future career. 
This means that all school graduates need to put in the time and effort to research the universities, that they want to apply to. But what do you look for when researching the best universities?
Six Factors That Can Help You in Selecting a University for Higher Education
From campus life to University rankings, here’s what makes SRMUH the best university for study in Sonepat.
SRMUH has consistently ranked well among national universities. Outlook ranked SRMUH 40th among the top 50 State-Private universities in India. Education World ranked SRMUH as number 7th in Haryana for higher studies. Education World also ranked SRMUH as the 10th best university for private IT studies. In addition to this, SRMUH is the first Indian University to be powered by NASSCOM Future Skills. It’s also AAAA+ rated by Careers360.
Whether you’re looking for a well-ranked university in Sonepat, Haryana or India – SRMUH is the university for you.
For a lot of students, which university they choose is based on what kind of placements they can expect at the end. For some students, the assurance of receiving placement assistance from the university is a big relief. SRMUH provides just that. There’s a dedicated placement cell that helps each student train for interviews, how to better present themselves and what they can do to ensure that they get the job of their dreams.
Known as ‘The Training and Placement Cell’, it helps students gain relevant work experience. The Cell stays in touch with and connects students to some of the best brands and businesses in Sonepat, which in turn leads to excellent placements upon graduation. Students can build their soft skills, improve co-curricular knowledge & awareness and gain the confidence needed to present themselves well in interviews. SRMUH is well-known as the best university for study in Sonepat owing not just to the great academic faculties here, but also to helping students secure great placements.
Infrastructure and Facilities
For a university to truly provide students with excellent academic training, having the right infrastructure on campus is necessary. From science and programming laboratories to experiential learning opportunities – SRMUH has best-in-class infrastructure. Every classroom at SRMUH comes equipped with audio-visual technology, ensuring that learning here is truly up to date.
Academic Faculty
The single most important thing that you need to look at when choosing your ideal university is what the academic faculty is like. Are the professors renowned? Can they impart valuable education? What is the reputation of the university when it comes to academic excellence? The good news here is that SRMUH is quite literally known as the best university for study in Sonepat. Modern pedagogical methods are followed to ensure that students learn from a curriculum that is up to date. Experiential learning, that is, practical applications-based learning, is how students at SRMUH are taught. This means that students engage in active learning where it’s not just academic knowledge that’s being taught, but real-world applications of that knowledge as well.
The programmes at SRMUH are also multidisciplinary, which helps ensure that every student gets the opportunity to explore academic interests in other faculties as well. Improve your understanding of your subject while increasing your expertise in related subjects. When it comes to academic learning, SRMUH is the best university in Sonepat. SRMUH is also NAAC + accredited, which is a testament to the quality of the faculty here.
Programmes and Curriculum
Six faculties of learning at SRMUH offer different programmes to students. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student – SRMUH has educational programmes that might interest you. The six faculties at SRMUH include the:

Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Faculty of Finance & Commerce
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Hotel Management
Faculty of Management Studies
Faculty of Science & Humanities

Each of these faculties is known for providing excellent education, where students graduate with full confidence in their subjects. If you want to go to the best university for study in Sonepat, then SRMUH would be perfect for you.
No university life experience is complete without participating in extra-curriculars. At SRMUH, extra-curriculars are important. Whether you’re artistic and creative, or you want to play sports – there’s something for you at SRMUH. There are indoor and outdoor sports facilities that give students plenty of space to explore their sports-based interests. From a football ground to tennis courts, a cricket pitch to a basketball court. There are even table tennis boards provided on each floor of each hostel. Explore your creative side by participating in cultural events or showcase your strength in sports at SRMUH.
SRMUH is the best university for study in Sonepat. From academic excellence to placement opportunities – students at SRMUH enjoy various benefits compared to those at other universities. Now that you know all this, make an informed decision on which university to study at. When you choose SRMUH, you choose a secure future. 

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