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Which path should you choose?

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Which path should you choose?

In today’s competitive world, management courses have become an important stepping stone that may help students grow in their careers. There are two main courses i.e. PGDM full form is Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and MBA which stands for Master of Business Administration. 
Students are generally confused between the two as they do not understand their basic differences. So before moving on to the difference between PGDM and MBA let’s understand what both of them mean.
An Overview of PGDM Course Details

PGDM full form is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. It is a two-year program that focuses more on practical knowledge instead of theoretical concepts hence providing hands-on industrial expertise.
PGDM programs can only be offered by autonomous institutes, as they have the leverage or flexibility to change or mold the syllabus according to industry needs.
One of the key strengths of the PGDM program is that the college offering the program can mold the syllabus according to their need. This helps colleges to ensure that the syllabus is suitable as per industry standards.
However, the PGDM course duration is of 2-year diploma program but it has a governing authority named “AICTCE” that ensures that the students of the PGDM course are getting the right practical exposure that the program tends to offer.

An Overview of MBA Course Details

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is a two-year postgraduate degree program that gives a comprehensive management education.
MBA programs are offered by colleges that are affiliated with some kind of universities as well. They have a strict curriculum and the syllabus is usually not revised frequently.
The MBA program curriculum is more theoretical based and covers wide essential areas including finance, marketing, human resources, business analytics, supply chain, and many others
MBA provides career opportunities in various fields including marketing, finance, supply chain, and more.

Key Differences Between PGDM and MBA

PGDM can only be provided by autonomous universities while MBA can only be provided when they are affiliated to some kind of university. However, both of them are 2-year-old programs and help the students to grow in their careers.

PGDM focuses on updating the curriculum regularly as we know that the curriculum of a course depends on the university or the college whereas the course of the MBA depends on the affiliated university because of this the course of PGDM is regularly updated whereas the course of MBA is not regularly updated and is usually rigid. 

PGDM is generally more flexible than MBA. This is because PGDM could be easily molded into different forms as the college is autonomous however MBA is not as much flexible as PGDM as the college needs to follow the rules of the affiliated university.
Which one you should choose?
The choice between an MBA and a PGDM depends on the career goals and preferences of an individual. Some individuals want to make a take on the practical aspect and not much on the theoretical aspect. However, some people focus more on practical aspects and want some industrial exposure.
So if you want a course that focuses on practical skills, and industrial exposure and quickly acquires the industry trends then you should go for PGDM. whereas if you are a person who focuses more on the academic part with global recognition MBA subjects would be a better option for you.
Choosing between a PGDM and an MBA is a very crucial factor in your life as it will eventually affect your life. Whether you choose PGDM or MBA both of them provide you ample opportunities and help you to grow in your career. It depends on your interest and preference whether you want to go on a course that focuses on the practical aspect and industry trends or on a course that focuses more on the theoretical aspect.

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