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Not just a sex toy, it is truly a work of art! Also a great, imaginative insertable toy for the gals!!

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Phthalate free. sounds like an Enema treatment on the way! More anal play toys under the Insertables Section 1 and Insertables 2Enemas 1 and Enemas 2 as well as the Electro-Stim Section! And then visit the Insertables and Sounds and Speculum and Prostate Stimulation pages for even more insertables!

Nicknamed the "Wild Ride" for obvious reasons! This amazing specimen is designed to wrap around the base of the cock, while encasing the balls sack and forcing a devious set of five increasing sized protrusions deep into the anal cavity all at the same time! pretty wild, right!? Cutting edge technology went into the design and manufacturing of this unique, high quality, finely polished stainless steel insertable for pure pleasure! Curves allow entry to the male or female G-spot at just the right angle so you get a direct connection.

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Anal Play Toys For as long as there have been humans, there have been Anal Play Toys! Basic intrigue with one of the most controversial areas of our bodies, started when the first human recognized an association with sexual stimulation most notably in males: an erection! with the passing of a bowel movement. Soon after, fingers and home-grown gadgets began finding their way up into the inner sanctum of the anus!

Fortunately, evolution and man's ability to perfect his tools, created a huge collection and selection of unique products, tools and toys to explore, insert and enjoy the extremely sensitive and highly arousing area around our rear end the sphincter muscle, sometimes affectionately nicknamed butt hole, bung hole, rim, and a few others, we all know so well! Here, we have a "wide" [pun intended] assortment of some of those unique devices, from butt plugs to enemas and everything in between.

Be sure to visit our other sections for even more toys and tools for anal exploration, such as the electro-stimulation insertable devicesenema pages and the stainless steel insertables! Check out these books on the subject, too!

10 Coolest KIDS TOYS Made For Adults

Dare to Have Anal Sex Anal Pleasure and Health. Click on any item above to whisk you directly to the cure you seek!!

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Graded dilators of various sizes have been used for the past years with great success. Originally designed by a Dr. Young stated that gradually widening the anus with his devices Dilators will treat constipation and many with a desire for relief used them for just that relief!

And there is another use for the dilators curiously discovered by a very gentle lady of her time noting that with the newly developed vibrators of the era, these little insertable anal dilators, respond quite well with vibration as sexual stimulator.

Shop Jack and Jill Adult Superstore's extensive Medical Play Items collection, where each product is being selected by our sex toy professionals. FREE SHIPPING over $60 5off, use: GETOFF5 FREE GIFT on any purchase! Shop for Adult Toys in Sexual Wellness. Buy products such as ROMP Switch Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator at Walmart and save For people with a vulva, heavier toys like the Bow and Swerve from Le Wand are great for stimulating the G-spot and working toward a blended orgasm. Organic Loven 22 of 45

Say it isn't so, Martha! Someone using a medical device for sexual pleasure? Who could think of such ideas? Oh sure like you didn't notice that the Dilators have a penis-shape to them? How convenient! Oh those naughty Victorians! Practice makes perfect This set is a replica of a set sorry, they are no longer in a cardboard box like they used to be - way back when! from the early 's Victorian age of health and revitalization!

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and we thought were the first to think up of all of this Medical Fetish fun stuff?! Use the plugs alone as a pleasure device or put them to work on gradually stretching and opening that rear opening! Specifications: Plug 1 [Largest]: Shaft: 5.

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Head: 6. Length: 5". Flanged Base: 2. Plug 2: Shaft: 5" in circumference. Head: 5. Length: 4. Plug 3: Shaft: 4. Head: 4. Flanged Base: 2". Plug 4: Shaft: 3. Head: 4" in circumference.

Length: 3. Flanged Base: 1.

Plug 5 [Smallest]: Shaft: 2. Head: 3.

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Made of smooth, hard plastic, hollow center with a hole at the top. Solid Metal Butt Plugs What a great concept! Because these are so comfortable, they can be worn for many hours. They are very heavy Small is approx. and the Large is almost a full pound! Many of our customers buy the small size to start and then gradually "work" their way up!

Consider, medical toys adults topic

This is by far one of our best selling Insertable Devices for years and years, now! However, they have become more and more difficult to get, recently!!

Black Leather Arm / Leg Splints- $+. T.E.N.S. Unit e-stim toys -$ & up. 3-Chamber Cock Sleeve- $ $ Latex Ridged Dong - $ Stainless Prostate Stimulator - $ Institutional Muzzle -$ $ Nipple SteelSlider Clamps $/Pair

No open pours to harbor bacteria. They don't alter pH balance, or cause a reaction to the body's natural chemistry. You can recognize a toy with phthalates by their smell. So with silicone, no smells! We recommend antibacterial dishwashing soap. The reason is that silicone lube may bond to the toy. This isn't true for all silicone toys-it depends on the purity of the silicone toy and the purity of the lubricant.

But if you want to play it safe, just use one of the water based lubes we sell or even the surgical lubricant jelly is fine! Pure P-Spot Glass Anal Toy. The Pure P-Spot is an ultra-hygienic, adventurous anal toy for more advanced users.

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Five insertable inches, an angled tip and unique shape, makes it perfect targeting the prostate! It has a smooth, sturdy finger ring-grip for easy use. And insertion is a dream, because it becomes super slick when lubricated.

There are a number of medical devices and medical fetish toys one can employ during these sessions and they are widely varied from a doctor's stethoscope to medical style tools, penis sounds and plugs, medical restraints, spreader bars, latex, and more. Whatever your level of erotic intensity during medical play, be sure that safety comes first 40 Sexy Gifts for the Woman in Your Life. The 12 Best Cuffs and Restraints for Light BDSM. The 25 Best Sex Toys for Butt Stuff. 8 Wearable Panty Vibrators for On-the-Go Orgasms. The 13 Best Nipple Adult Sex Toys & Games. Rose Toys, Sucking Vibrator for Women with 7 Intense Suction, Adorime Rechargeable Clit. Rechargeable Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator, Waterproof Couples Vibrator with 9 Powerful. Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip for Precision Clitoral Stimulation, Discreet Rechargeable. PALOQUETH G Spot Rabbit Vibrator Adult Sex Toys with

The cool slick sensation of glass creates an extraordinary experience enhanced with its functionally designed multi-level shape and texture. The "bump" adds even more pleasure of prostate milking! To sanitize silicone toys, you can either put them in a pot of boiling water and anti-bacterial soap solution use only a small amount of soap or else you will have a soap "lava flow"!

on the stove for approximately two to three minutes. The other method is to run them through the dishwasher cycle, but do not use any soap with the wash cycle and do not let them run through the hot air dry cycle. Be sure to stop the dishwasher after it finishes the washing cycle, then remove the toys and let them air dry. This cleaning method works for silicone toys and other plastic, glass, rubber or latex materials toys, as long as they do not have batteries or electrical parts.

Follow with wipes of alcohol swabs. Take extra care with some of the newer "Cyberskin" toys made of ultra-soft, ultra-pliable elastomer material are very delicate, so they need special care when cleaning. Hand-wash with warm not hot water and a gentle antibacterial soap, then allow them to air dry.

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For anything made of leather, they will need to be washed with a foaming cleanser and scrubbed down with a brush, then rubbed down with hydrogen peroxide, allowed to air dry, and afterward gone over with saddle soap and leather conditioner. This kind of care is very important with leather toys and items, as they can become stiff and brittle, and may be hard to use. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the bleach solution afterwards and allow to air dry.

Immersed in water, will ruin these types of toys. Inflatable X-Large Ribbed Butt Plug Enema Nozzle The "Oh My God! and it is large and very much in charge!

2 Best Dildo: Vixen Buck VixSkin. With its firm inner core and a soft outer layer that warms up to your body, you might mistake this dildo for the real thing. The Buck also has a non Silicone Toys. Silicone is the perfect material for producing fine adult sex toys and vibrators, being superior in almost every way than more commonly used materials. Silicone is the most reliable, safe, health-smart soft material used for toys made of medical-grade quality silicone. These toys (with a little care) can last a lifetime! The Wartenberg Wheel is a rolling pinwheel of needle-sharp points. This stainless steel version is medical grade and has a inch handle. It is a must have for the medical toy box and for fans of sensory play. By controlling both the speed and pressure of the nerve wheel, it can range from feeling like a

Already an intimidating size, the "ribs" add even more sensations and pleasures. It is 7" long from nozzle opening to base and 3" at its widest rib. This definitely rates as one of the monsters of all enema nozzles! To add to the equation, they include two bullet vibrators!

Their brilliantly creative design makes them easy to insert and remove with a simple squeeze of the flanged base! Regardless if you have a massive collection of butt plugs, or are just beginning to explore those 'nether regions', this set of Silicone Butt Plugs MUST be in your possession!

This small but very effective butt plug offers a hidden surprise! It has an internal weighted ball that moves and rotates inside the plug! Just like Ben-Wah Balls also known as Geisha Ballsit gives a very interesting sensation as you move about!

large, full and overwhelming, this XXL Inflatable Dong does it! The finishing on the outside is well detailed with veins and a penis shaped contour.

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It inflates with an inflator bulb with a release valve to hold in the inflation, then release as desired. There is a firm core center to make insertion easier.

It is approximately 14 inches long and inflates up to 4 inches wide! Made from heavy duty rubber perfect for those naughty patients who have been moaning and pleading for "bigger" Here you go!

but be careful of what you ask for! Because you will get it and then some!! What a combination of sensations! Definitely designed with submission in mind. this stainless steel version of our very popular " Butt Locker " has a 2 inches cock ring with a 1. With a unique design allowing the user to maintain an erection all the while keeping their butt locked with a steel round anal ball! The question may be, is that a reward or a punishment? Measurements: 5.

Anal Ball chrome plated is 1. Stainless Steel Pure Plug 2. And it's heavy at 1. It has that great sense of fullness, yet the ingenious design is perfect for long term comfort and retention. Made with the highest quality new-world craftsmanship, it is built for safety and infinite durability. Versatility, unique design, quality and luxury everything you look for in an adult sex toy, all rolled into this multiple-stimuli insertable toy.

Yes, it's perfection for so many reasons and uses. Perfect for playing with when you are alone or using on a partner. Male or female, it has whatever you need: G-Spot or prostate stim, anal stim or vaginal stim! This Anal T Probe with Remote Control for adjusting the vibration levels, is a total of 7" long with 5" insertable and a thick 1.

This Anal-T Vibrating Probe is bent for deep rectal pleasure and prostate stimulation. The remote control unit has adjustable vibration levels. Its waterproof, velvety smooth "rubber-cote" design is great for water explorations in the hot tub or shower and its wide "T" base assures safe insertion and removal.

It's so easy to clean, too!

So get ready to set your orgasms on auto-pilot! Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. The strap gives the user an amazing separation of your penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. It is designed with a revolutionary anatomical shape that hugs your torso and pushes your gear out entirely from your body to enhance your penis and scrotum.

Made of a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR, it was developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. It is a perfect fit for almost anyone! Use with water based lubes. It's made of flexible TPR material, so it stretches to fit most average sizes and shapes while it bends with your body.

Measurements: Anal Plug is 4. It has two removable nozzle attachments sized for your desires!

Medical toys adults

Get any cleansing job done quickly and have fun while you are at it! Yes, these are just what the Nurse ordered for playing it safe with anal play! It's the snap of the glove that gets everyone's attention they'll keep you nice and clean and your patient nice and nervous! They're also perfect for sound-playcatheter-playenema-play and much more Mummification Nipple Toys Nipple Pumping Kits Penis Pumping Percussion Play Prostate Stimulation Pumping Products.

Speculum Stainless Steel Toys Strait Jackets Uniforms - Costumes Vibration Toys Videos Violet Wands. The Joystick For Anal Aficionadosthe Joystick is one of the most impressive anal toys and it will last forever plus it is so easy to keep squeaky clean! As if we didn't already have a great collection of medical anal probing and prodding devices along comes pun intended, thank you!

our USA and European imports from our inclusive line of Stainless Steel Insertable toys! Anal Adventure Vibrator Ready for an adventure of the anal kind?

Slim RealDoe "Strap-on-less" Silicone Double Dildo Penis envy? Ready to do some peggingbut need the tools? Not anymore here's the leveler it's called the RealDoe for obvious reasons: realistic, yes!

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double dildo, yes! Similar in concept of the " Share " series of double dildoes, The RealDoe is the harnessless strap-on that only requires the inner squeeze of those PC muscles Kegels to hold the "bulb" shape end in and have fun using the other end wherever you want to put it butt, pegging, vagina or even some faux-fellatio!

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This Slim version Classic is a bit bigger in girth [at right] is sized long and lean, so there's plenty of room for vaginal penetration and anal, without being overwhelming on girth!

The curve upwards hits that male prostate or P-spot, and the female G-spot quite easily. As with any insertablebe sure to use lots of water-based only lube for a much more pleasant ride! By the way, the Bullet Vibrator loads in near the outer base, so the the "giver" tends to get much more of the vibes than the receiver.

So between the ridges near the clitoral area and the vibrator this is one hot toy that delivers for both! Made in the U. Cleaning is easy follow our recommendations for Cleaning Your Silicone Toys. Classic RealDoe "Strap-on-less" Silicone Double Dildo Penis envy? This Classic version Slim is a bit smaller in girth [at left] is sized long and girthy, so there's plenty of room for vaginal penetration, but for some the anal penetration may be a challenge so go with the Slim!

Designed with an upward curve, it hits that G-Spot or P-Spot almost every time. This like any insertable needs lots of water-based only lube for that long lasting, over-the-top ride! To make things even a bit more fun, the Bullet Vibrator loads in near the outer base, so it reverberates deep into the giver's vagina, while she brings home the receiver's bacon!

Between that and the ridges near the clitoral area, this is one hot toy that delivers for both! and just because you used it on him or her when you are all alone, it can become quite self-pleasuring dong, as well! Don't be shy, you deserve it! Just push the vibrator button and have fun!

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Share "Strap-on-less" Silicone Double Dildo by Fun Factory Fun for her and him her and her or as a multi-tasker when all alone! If you always wanted to try " pegging ", but the idea of using a harness was too intimidating or just plain uncomfortable, here's your chance to explore and play "outside the box"! puns always intended!

The strapless [harness-less] Share double dildo gives pleasure at both ends! Uniquely designed to give pleasure to the giver while giving it to the receiverthe specialized insertable pod is angled for inner G-spot stimulation of the wearer giver.

If you prefer to use a harness, it fits with your favorite harness, as well! It also has a nice area that stimulates the giver's clitoris while in use. The other receiving end is molded as a well formed, flexible dong, which is also set at the perfect angle for partner penetration, hitting the G-spot or Prostate right where you want it! This is one of those dream toys that you and your partner have been hoping for!

German engineering at its best! Share-A-Lot-More "Strap-on-less" Silicone Double Dildo - X-Large by Fun Factory Couples seeking even larger and more challenging girth and sensationswill love what this unique harness-less strap-on style double dildo can deliver, especially for seasoned Peggers! Much bolder in comparison to the original " SHARE " [to the left], this is longer with elevated ridges and a thicker diameter for more girth. The additional curves and ripples really intensifies stimulation and unleashing satisfying surprises!

Just like the "SHARE", it is easy to use by slipping the shorter, bulbous end into the vagina and using those PC muscles to hold it in great, sexy Kegel exercises! It's designed to "seat" well, so the "business end" of the dildo can glide smoothly into your partner! Perfect for beginners with its easy-to-use design and gentle-yet-buildable stimulation, the soft silicone bunny ears on the Rabbit Bullet flutter against the clitoris, giving users a teasing sensation with its customizable vibration speeds and pulse patterns.

This petite toy fits in your purse and can be used in any aquatic location. Its lowest setting is super mild, which is great for more sensitive folk like myself. Great range of intensities and patterns, and I love that it's rechargeable and water-resistant. The bunny ears make for a great diffused stimulation. Overall, solid product and a perfect vibrator for beginners. Equipped with three powerful vibration speeds that are designed to build in unison with your orgasm, this multipurpose vibrator features fluttering wings that stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

Its curved design flexes to reach all of your pleasure zones to ensure optimal satisfaction. Every woman needs one of these little beauties in their secret drawer. If you could only have one sex toy for yourself, this would jabber to be it, hands down. I can't last more than a few seconds with this I usually have a hard time with orgasms, but not now.

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A sweet treat indeed. This ice cream-shaped vibrator uses rotating top nibs that are designed to swivel at 10 different speeds and vibrations to bring you to a climax. It also has a whisper-quiet motor, waterproof design, and. The spinning part is made of soft, body-safe silicone and it bends to fit and flip every peak and valley.

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This is a must-buy. This wearable vibrator can be used for both internal and external pleasure and slips onto your finger for easy, targeted stimulation, which is thanks to its textured design and arousing vibration hum. Suitable for solo and partner playits petite size and virtually silent motor make it incredibly discreet and able to use on various body parts. For a vulva, just use a little bit of lubricant and caress the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening with the toy.

For a penis, put a finger through the ring on the toy and stroke the penis with that hand, or hold the testicles with the vibe hand and stroke the penis like usual. Anal use of this accessory looks like lubricated passes over the external anus only. Home Sex The 8 Best Sex Toys to Use When You're Masturbating. The 8 Best Sex Toys to Use When You're Masturbating. Credit: Getty Images. Lie back, shut off your phone, and start having the amazing orgasms you deserve. By Jazmine Polk and Emily Belfiore May 17, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. RELATED: 15 Masturbation Techniques From Real Women Best Bullet: We-Vibe Tango Best Dildo: Vixen Buck VixSkin Best Wand: Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager Best Fingertip: Dame Fin Vibrator Best for Beginners: Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Best G-Spot Targeting: CalExotics Butterfly Kiss Vibrator Best for Clitoral Stimulation: Satisfyer Sweet Treat Spinnator Best Versatile: Frisky Ripples Finger Bang.

Related Items 1 Best Bullet: We-Vibe Tango. available at amazon. SHOP NOW. available at lovehoney.

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