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Expertise NE Delicacies in Bangalore – Maven Kitchen

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Went to Maven Kitchen found in Eejipura yesterday. Recognized for their Northeast cuisine, it’s been a although considering that I’d been in one particular considering the fact that Zingron. It was very nicely embellished for valentine’s day and we obtained a nice nook for ourself just near the kitchen. Whats superior than to sit in close proximity to the supply eh? The total place had that fragrant axone odor which received us salivating. For those people that don’t like it, the main tables are significantly from the kitchen area and is no cost of the smell.

What we wolfed?
1. Rice beer – can not go improper there. A nice in a natural way fermented beer. Out there for unique instances only.
2. Pork momos – if it’s not pork, it is not momos. This was a basic with the dip
3. Buff stew – however they called it a stew this was a fantastic soup with thinly slash buff slices. Tangy and spicy
4. Axone smoked pork ribs – exquisitely cooked with the flavor of axone and Naga chillies. Exceptional stuff
5. Maven particular chutney – this was other wordly stuff. Definitely remarkable with a burst of taste, fresh enjoyable on the tongue, spicy with naga chilies, wild garlic from Manipur and axone
6. Garlic hen and noodles for the child – fantastic decent taste
Given that we were curious about their delicacies, they were being excellent plenty of to give compact samples of their buff curry, a pressurized eco-friendly peas curry known as Ooti with manipuri spices, Eronba a soup with fermented dried fish, naga chillies and herbs from Manipur.

All this finished with a fermented pineapple juice. So very good. A sturdy taste that wraps up every thing nicely. Exceptional service and hospitality. Hunting ahead to all their other kinds.
Rice BeerBuff StewBuff CurryAxone smoked Pork RibsMaven Special ChutneyManipuri Sticky RiceOotiEronbaFermented Pineapple JuiceBeef Stew and Pork MomosUs

Here’s an instagram reel as effectively

I experienced a equivalent phenomenal experience in Naga Kitchen very some decades again.. Regrettably its now shut

Discover Maven Kitchen area

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